APPLE STEM CELLS – used in an innovative Swiss formula designed to combat the effects of ageing

In recent years, scientists have conducted extensive research on human stem cells, which have regenerative proprieties, being able to repair damaged tissue and organs.  Due to this, the cosmetic industry has looked into using stem cells in skin care to help reduce wrinkles and restore skin’s firmness and elasticity, but the law bans the use of human stem cells in cosmetics so they have turned their attention to plant stem cells.

In a certain isolated area of rural Switzerland, a rare 18th century species of apple trees still survives today. It attracted attention as the fruit could be kept for months without withering, meaning it must have especially long living tissue stem cells. Swiss scientists were interested in the effects it could have on the skin, so they obtained an explant from the leaf of one of these trees to produce a special anti-ageing stem cell extract which can reduce the signs of ageing by 15%.

apple stem cells



Human cells were grown in a liquid culture and put to the test. A solution containing 1% apple stem cells seemed to boost cell production of human stem cells by a staggering 80%. The human cells were irradiated with UV light, which killed 50% of those grown in a normal liquid culture, but hardly any of those protected by the apple stem cells. 

A human study was conducted on 20 volunteers aged from 37 to 64. A cream enriched with the special Swiss formula of the Malus Domestica was used twice daily. Results showed a significant and visible decrease in wrinkle depth for 100 % of the subjects after 28 days of use, reducing the signs of ageing by 15%.


Now, the humble apple is a big celebrity, with fans such as Michelle Obama, Hellen Mirren and Jennifer Lopez.

This special apple extract complements other ingredients provided in a new topical formula which will help visibly reduced the signs of premature anti-ageing and repair damage created by external factors. Collagen and elastin production will be greatly increase and the degradation of cells and collagen bonds will slow down so the new cells will have time to mature and give tone and elasticity to the skin.

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stemcellution range with apple stem cells

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