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The new Firma Serum is just amazing

Harley Street Skincare Nov 1, 2017 anti-ageing anti-oxidants benefits fine lines Firma Skin liquid oxygen luminous natural beauty skincare non oily protect skin replenish cells sensitive skin collagen Skincare vbloggers Vitamin A Vitamin E without irritation 0 Comments Posted in: Information

After months and months of hard work in the lab alongside our chemists we put together an improved formulation for the AgeLess Firma Serum. The results we got with it in our clinics are fantastic and the silky smooth texture is just divine. Our products were and always will be cruelty free and with the latest scientific break troughs and research in the skin care industry we learn more and more about the power of nature and how to integrate it in our skin care products. The results are powerful and the benefits /...

Improve the look of your eyes

Harley Street Skincare Sep 20, 2017 beauty brighter looking eyes natural beauty organic Skincare vblogger 1 Comments Posted in: Uncategorized

Usually, the first thing someone notices about you are your eyes. Having dark circles and tired looking skin doesn't seem to be the first impression we want to give. It's very important to love yourself and accept your body and skin for what they are as no one is perfect and our individuality makes us who we are, but it's nothing wrong to give your skin some help and a boost, gracefully and without much to do. So why not use an eye serum. Not many put accent in using one though, which I find strange as we all he /...

What are the benefits of using a face mask

Harley Street Skincare Aug 30, 2017 affordable skincare anti-ageing anti-oxidants creams elastin fine lines fruit stem cell hydration Miracle mask peptides refine pores Stem skincare 0 Comments Posted in: Information, Ingredients

We have all heard about face masks and how good they are for the skin, but what do they really do and is it worth putting a mask on once or twice a week? Definitely! Using a mask will greatly improve your complexion and give your skin a boost and that extra glow we all love. Depending on the skin type, you can use a mask for extra hydration, remove small imperfection or treat acne, reduce fine lines, exfoliate and refine pores. The skin care market is full of different types of masks for any skin type and dealin /...

Exfoliate your skin for a better complexion

Harley Street Skincare Aug 16, 2017 affordable skincare anti-ageing anti-oxidants beauty blog exfoliant fine lines natural beauty skincare Skincare without irritation 0 Comments Posted in: Information

Our skin constantly sheds dead cells leading to build ups that clog the pores creating blemishes, uneven skin tone and dryness thus making your skin looking dull. Also, as we age, cell renewal slows which means we need more help from moisturisers and serums. To get the best out of our skin care products we need a good exfoliation and also a good cleansing routine. Exfoliating on a regular basis will reveal healthy, new skin cells and will greatly increase the effectiveness of the products we normally use. Har /...

How important is oxygen for your skin

Harley Street Skincare May 24, 2017 anti-ageing blog firmer skin liquid oxygen organic renewal Skincare SPF uva uvb loss tone vbloggers wrinkles 0 Comments Posted in: Information, Ingredients

In one of our previous posts we talked a little bit about liquid oxygen and its presence in some of our products. We are now planning in adding more of this amazing element. New formulations and higher quality ingredients are used. Times are changing and so are we. With age we start to loose elasticity and firmness in our skin, oxygen levels start to drop when we reach the age of 30 and by 60 the level of oxygen in our skin is less than 50%. This and the air pollution contribute to a high level of toxicity in /...

Apple Stem Cells

Harley Street Skincare Mar 14, 2017 anti-ageing collagen dry mature skin new cells restores skin stem apples serums stimulating skincare 0 Comments Posted in: Information, Ingredients

APPLE STEM CELLS - used in an innovative Swiss formula designed to combat the effects of ageing In recent years, scientists have conducted extensive research on human stem cells, which have regenerative proprieties, being able to repair damaged tissue and organs.  Due to this, the cosmetic industry has looked into using stem cells in skin care to help reduce wrinkles and restore skin’s firmness and elasticity, but the law bans the use of human stem cells in cosmetics so they have turned their attentio /...

Liquid Oxygen

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We are always offering the very best ingredients within our products, constantly wanting the best for you. Our chemist continues to research and develop to bring our customers new and improved formulations of latest technologies to feed our largest organ, the skin. With Liquid Oxygen within a lot of our skincare, you will see and feel the benefits. It drives the powerful actives and anti-oxidants deeper into the skin for outstanding results. Clean oxygen is vital for skin's health. Since we are faced d /...

Natural & Organic Products Europe

Harley Street Skincare Apr 18, 2016 exciting new products Natural natural beauty organic skincare vbloggers 0 Comments Posted in: News Articles

Natural and Organic Products Europe is Europe’s biggest trade show for natural products – making it the ‘must attend’ event for buyers of everything from natural healthcare products, natural and organic foods, through to natural personal care and eco-household products. The launch pad for hundreds of exciting new products, Natural & Organic Products Europe is where retailers and distributors from across the UK and around the world get their first glimpse of the bestselling products of the future. So, /...

Meade Magazine

Harley Street Skincare Jul 14, 2015 marine skincare Natural non oily organic Skincare spa products vbloggers 0 Comments Posted in: News Articles

Nice mention in the new Meade Magazine (page 42)

Spa Technologies @ Women Sport Report

Harley Street Skincare Jul 7, 2015 actives indredients Astaxanthin skincare boost collagen Essential Oils Hypo-allergenic Minerals No MI No Parabens No Sulphates organic products repairing enzymes vbloggers vegan 0 Comments Posted in: News Articles

Latest blog entry at Women Sport Report ( Spa Technologies is dedicated to pioneering and developing unique skincare solutions using natural sources to prevent the acceleration of photo-ageing and environmental stress. The “Technology” in Spa Technologies began with research in the marine world, specifically seaweed and algae and has evolved into advanced delivery systems that drive actives and ingredients deeper into the skin to improve product pe /...

Beat the Heat With a Cooling Facial Cleanser by Spa Technologies

Harley Street Skincare Jul 7, 2015 algae anti-ageing ANTI-AGEINGING beauty cleanser congested skin deeper cleaning Minerals Naturalbeauty skincare non oily ORGAINIC seaweed Skincare vbloggers vegan 0 Comments Posted in: News Articles

Latest blog entry at Pink Julep ( The heat is on and if you're anything like me, you may be noticing a change in your skin with the change of the weather… Some people get dryer skin in the summer, but I tend to experience more oily skin when it's hot outside. It doesn't help that I'm slathering on sunscreen and though it doesn't happen often, I occasionally get a breakout in the summer months. This almost never happens to me i /...

Spa Technologies harnesses the ocean for high-end skincare range

Harley Street Skincare Jun 25, 2015 antioxidants botanical collegen Essential Oils fatty acids liquid oxygen omega-7 organic marine algae oxgenated polyphenols Revitalizing sewaweed vb 0 Comments Posted in: News Articles

Latest blog entry at Natural Beauty News ( A new range of skincare has been launched by Spa Technologies UK, blending natural active ingredients with a 70% seaweed base that aim to prevent the acceleration of photo-ageing and environmental stress. The range consists of 17 products and three kits, including Marine Serum; Oxygenated Correcting Pigmentation Skin Brightening Booster; Flower Peel; Laminaria Oi /...

Spa Technologies Revitalising Sea Cleanser

Harley Street Skincare Jun 25, 2015 acne aha glycolic acid anti-bacterial dead skin exfoliation fine lines Hibiscus hydrating hyperigmentation moisturiser non-oily-unblock pores open pores poreminimising mask salicylic acid spot spots Vitamin A Vitamin E whiteheads 0 Comments Posted in: News Articles

Latest blog entry at Biancas Beauty Blog ( --What does the promo say?-- "A deep pore cleanser formulated with a rich paste of organic Laminaria Algae imbued with aromatic essences that revitalize the skin by stimulating micro-circulation to restore a healthy glow. Ideal for oily/congested skin types." --Packaging-- This appears to come in a pump-action bottle, while my sample came in a tiny pot with a screw-top lid. Base /...