Our skin constantly sheds dead cells leading to build ups that clog the pores creating blemishes, uneven skin tone and dryness thus making your skin looking dull. Also, as we age, cell renewal slows which means we need more help from moisturisers and serums. To get the best out of our skin care products we need a good exfoliation and also a good cleansing routine.

Exfoliating on a regular basis will reveal healthy, new skin cells and will greatly increase the effectiveness of the products we normally use.

Harley Street Skin Products Micro Pearl Dermabrasion is great to getly exfoliate your skin and may be used as a mask too. The micronised pearl is rich in bio-available calcium and gently refines surface skin. Fortified with algae extracts to re-mineralise and antioxidants to prevent cellular degradation. You might ask yourself, is this product good enough for me? Yes, it is recommended for any skin type. Due to the laminaria algae paste this exfoliator is gentle enough to be used on sensitive and acne prone skin. All ingredients are natural and do not create irritation to the skin. Massage a small amount of Micro Pearl Dermabrasion onto the skin beggining around the outer edges of the face, gradually working in and rinse with clean water. As a mask leave on for 10 minutes then clean face.