In one of our previous posts we talked a little bit about liquid oxygen and its presence in some of our products.

We are now planning in adding more of this amazing element. New formulations and higher quality ingredients are used. Times are changing and so are we.

With age we start to loose elasticity and firmness in our skin, oxygen levels start to drop when we reach the age of 30 and by 60 the level of oxygen in our skin is less than 50%. This and the air pollution contribute to a high level of toxicity in the dermis layers. Drinking lots of clean water and eating healthy will help detoxify your body and skin but still, it’s not enough. The skin on the face is subjected to so many harmful factors like smog, UVA & UVB, harsh weather, hard water or poor skin care routine which leads to loss in tone and appearance of wrinkles. It definitely needs help.

Liquid Oxygen will provide instant oxygenation to cells and deliver the active ingredients in the creams and serums deep into the skin to provide a much better end result while removing any trace of CO2. Skin will be hydrated with an even look to it. Oxygen wil boost the formation of new cells and increase elasticity and firmness to the skin. A constant use of creams or serums containing liquid oxygen will help restore vitality to the skin and regenerate cells faster.