Vital Energy Capsules

Organic & Vegan Vital Energy Cpasules
Organic & Vegan Vital Energy Cpasules
Dietary supplement made up of micronised Laminaria Algae from the North Atlantic shores of Iceland and Brittany formulated to help restore energy and lost minerals.


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A dietary supplement made out of micronized Laminaria Algae from the North Atlantic shores of Iceland and Brittany, with its nourishing whole food algae powder containing a perfect balance of minerals, trace elements, vitamins, amino acids and enzymes to restore and replenish nutrients not found in food due to soil depletion and modern agricultural practices.

Suggested as a supplement to restore energy.

Main Active Ingredients:

Fucoidan – Collagen synthesising polysaccharide. Research suggests it has anti-tumor  properties.
Fucoxanthan – Promotes slimming according to research from Hokkaido University in Japan.
Laminaran –  Promotes thinning of the blood and research suggests that it has cholesterol reducing properties.
Iodine and Iodide – stimulates and normalises metabolism due to its impact on thyroid. Ideal for weight loss. 
Minerals – seaweed provides an abundant source of vital minerals like magnesium, potassium, sulfur and calcium.
Trace Elements – Silica, Zinc, Copper are the building blocks of collagen, Selenium and others work as free radical scavengers and catalysts in metabolism. 

Use: We recommend 3 capsules daily, with meals for optimum benefit. Ideal for detoxifying programs and healthy weight loss routine.


Vegan Certified Product



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