Vitamin C Serum (30ml)

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Our bestseller, this moisturising Serum combines powerful Botanical Extracts and two stable forms of Vitamin C. It delivers the moisture-locking properties of rich creams and protects skin against free radicals, polution and sun damage. Seaweed and Antioxidants stimulate collagen synthesis for firmer, healthier looking skin. Due to its intelligent delivery system, the Vitamin C Serum could be used on all skin types treating dry areas and controling oil production.  


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Powerful moisturising serum combining two stable forms of  Vitamin C with marine and biological extracts and Vitamin E. Ligh in texture but with rich moisturising proprieties. Due to its stability and presence of Vitamin E the serum will be easily absorbed into the skin’s deeper levels and protect cell membranes from degradation. It will also stimulate collagen synthesis for firmer, healthier looking skin.
Daily use will ensure your skin’s health and will keep it looking naturally glowing and youthful while nourishing it and help remove fine lines.

For normal, drying and ageing skin types. Could also be used on oily, acne prone skin types as it controls oil prodoction due to the presence of rosmary.


Key Ingredients:

Vitamin C Ester: Oil soluble, stable source of Vitamin C
Vitamin C&E Complex: Antioxidant powerhouse in a liposome delivery system
Laminaria & Porphyra Red Algae Complex: Remineralising Emollient; strengthens connective tissue matrix and rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids
Buriti Oil: Beta-carotene rich Antioxidant from the Amazon, moisturizing & soothing
Shea Butter: Emollient soothing balm. Rich in EFA’s
Rosmary: normalises sebaceous secretions

Size: 30 ml

Use: Apply a small amount over face, neck and chest area. Could be used morning and night. We recommend using it in the morning to give your skin protection against environmental factors.




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