We have all heard about face masks and how good they are for the skin, but what do they really do and is it worth putting a mask on once or twice a week? Definitely!

Using a mask will greatly improve your complexion and give your skin a boost and that extra glow we all love. Depending on the skin type, you can use a mask for extra hydration, remove small imperfection or treat acne, reduce fine lines, exfoliate and refine pores. The skin care market is full of different types of masks for any skin type and dealing with all concerns. We could even make our own mask at home with ingredients bought from the local shop. The choices are endless.

As a woman that works 5 to 7 days a week I don’t have the time and luxury of making my own face mask and then using it, so I will always look to buy products formulated for maximum performance and a busy life style. I might not have time to go to a salon for a facial, but I will always find at least one day a week to relax in the bathtub with a face mask on. After being in an office most of the time and then driving back home, facing the city pollution, my skin needs a boost.


StemCellution range with apple stem cellsshop.harleystreetskincare.co.uk/stemcellution/

I love the StemCellution range from Harley Street Skin Products. It’s packed with powerful anti-ageing ingredients, like peptides, epidermal growth factors, anti-oxidants and fruit stem cells. The Miracle Mask from this line is really great. It’s a powerful moisture booster mask formulated for dehydrated and mature skin types. It contains hexapetides that will firm the skin and help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. After each use the skin feels youthful and hydrated.

miracle maskshop.harleystreetskincare.co.uk/miracle-mask/

I always apply it on clean skin. Sometimes I apply a thin, even layer over my face, neck and chest area and leave it on for about 20 minutes while I watch tv or scroll through social media, but really, I prefer having it on when I take a bath as the pores are opened and the ingredients in the mask will sink deeper into the skin and work their magic on a deeper level. I always use a serum or moisturiser after I remove the mask to make sure I lock in all the active ingredients. It’s different for all of us how we like to use a face mask and either way, the Miracle Mask will give you a radiant, smooth complexion.